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Copy of Sea Lock Keeper's Duties document, Glasson Dock, Lancaster Canal
Copied from the original held in the former Lancaster Canal Trust Museum at Garstang


To attend the Lock Gates every tide during the time that vessels can be admitted into or out of Glasson Dock, and also to attend at other times when vessels want to Lock into or out of the Inner Basin.

To attend to the Rules and Bye-Laws for regulating vessels coming into or out of the Inner Basin, and to regulate their mooring and lying whilst there, and in case of a vessel being required to be removed for the purpose of Loading or discharging any other vessel and the Captain or Crew refusing to remove such vessel on being so requested you will not allow such vessel to be passed through the Sea Lock without paying a penalty of One pound, until you receive directions to the contrary.

Not to admit a vessel into the Lock upon any account until she has got her anchors stowed clear upon deck When a vessel is passing upwards not to draw the paddles in the Upper Gates until the Lower Gates are shut and and the paddles closed. When a vessel is passing down, the dews of the Upper Gates to be shut and after the vessel has entered the Lock, shut the Upper Gates before the clows of the Lower Gates are drawn.

Not to draw the clows at the waster unless upon special occasions viz. When the water in Glasson Dock is reduced under 15' by reason of the Dock Gates being kept open to let or receive vessels, then the clows are to be drawn and the Dock filled up to 19 feet if necessary. for vessels lying in the Dock. when the Dock is required to be cleansed, and the water in the Inner Basin is running over the waster then the clows to be drawn for the purpose of assistinq in cleansing the Dock, at all other times to apply for instructions.

To admit all vessels through the Lock according to their right of priority of application without partiality or preference.

Not to permit Goods of any description or Ballast to be laid nearer the Wharf wall than the mooring posts.

To enter into a book that will be provided the names and particulars of all vessels and their cargoes passing through the Lock and also a daily account of the height of water in the Inner Basin and the state of the weather.

To take a ticket from every Canal Boat that loads or discharges into or out of any vessel, the warehouse or wharf, which ticket must state the quantity and weight of the Goods and the place from whence brought, or to where going.

Not to permit any vessel to enter the Lock after Sunset or before Day-Light.

Not to charge or receive any gratuity or perquisite from any person for dues, services or attention to the vessels passing through the Lock or remaining in the Inner Basin, or on any other account whatever.

(Signed) B.S. Greqson.
Canal Office.

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