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A small corner of Japan set in an English website... this is my closest friend's site.
Umaremasu is very much into all things Japanese, and her first web site reflects this.
Shunning the aid of web authoring software she did it the hard way using HTML code and
Windows Notepad,but the results are worth seeing.
Since then she has produced a number of others, including one for a Mexican Ice Cream vendor!

Link to Umaremasu's Website


What can I say about Matt...??? He's my cyber-son and a genius.
More than multi-talented, he produces wonderful commercial websites,
can set up systems and networks, and write software. He's also an amazing musician!
If you need a site which is that bit better than all the rest then talk to this man soon!

Magic's Place


Please check out this marvellous site for reproductions of old books on CD-ROM.
The Archive CD Books project is working to make rare books easily accessible to genealogists and historians.
I'm not getting a cut from advertising them, I'm just an avid ancestor hunter who happens to believe in what they do!

Link to Archive CD Books - reproductions of old books on CD for genealogists and historians everywhere

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