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these FAQ should give you the information you need to use the Glass Message Board GlassGallery but if you still want help use the Contact Us link to request support

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Q. Who can use GlassGallery?
A.GlassGallery was originally created to provide off-board image storage for the previous incarnation of the Glass Message Board (GMB) but has now evolved into a collective gallery for GMB members who are researching various areas of glass interest. Any GMB member may also use GlassGallery to share their collections with other GMB members.

Q. Do I have to register to use GlassGallery?
A. Yes you need to be registered, but registration is only open to signed up members of the Glass Message Board. If you want to be registered you will need to contact us via the Support > Contact Us screen with a note of your GMB username and the email address of your GMB account and an admin will create an account for you. You cannot self-register. Once registered you can then upload images to the shared research albums and create albums for your own collections.

Q. Can I use GlassGallery to host images for queries on other message boards or to display on my website?
A. No, GlassGallery is intended to support the GMB not other message boards. Hotlinking GlassGallery images to other boards/locations steals our bandwidth and when found will be replaced by our standard Cease and Desist image.

Q. Can I use GlassGallery to host my images for eBay sales?
A. Absolutely not. GlassGallery is not intended to support anyone's commercial enterprises. Links found on eBay will be replaced by our standard Cease and Desist image.

Q. Can I use GlassGallery as a place to offer my glass for sale?
A. Absolutely not. GlassGallery is not intended to support anyone's commercial enterprises. Anyone using GlassGallery in this manner will have their images removed and their use of GlassGallery terminated.

Q. I cannot upload pictures to the public album or my own album, what gives?
A. The normal reasons are that you are either not logged in or that uploads fail because the image is too big. To successfully upload images you need to check several things:
  1. That the image resolution is set to 96 dpi (dots per inch) - this is done via your image software, and could be changed by using a resize function, a save for web function, or a set resolution option, etc. - depending on which software you are using.

  2. Once the resolution is set to 96 dpi, the image needs to be resized to less than 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels. In practice this usually means a size of around 8" x 6" or 20 cm x 15 cm. This size is plenty big enough for screen display and means the images are not so big that they cause the screen to scroll sideways to get the whole image on screen at the same time.

  3. The final check is to ensure your resized image is less than about 175kb in total size (the gallery states 200kb but this includes the file overhead - think of it as an envelope - that the file uses to be uploaded.) If you have followed steps 1 and 2 it is almost impossible to make the image bigger than 175kb.
Once your image is optimised like this it is ready for upload and you should have no problems putting it onto GlassGallery.

Q. I do not have any image software, can you recommend something for me?
A. Yes, IrfanView is free software and is easy to use despite having lots of functionality. You can download it from the IrfanView website.

Q. I've downloaded IrfanView but I still need help with manipulating images, is there any help available for this?
A. Yes, another Glass Message Board user has created a tutorial on his website Glassyeye which gives a basic help and how to get started.

Q. I have problems taking good photos of glass. Have you any tips that will help me?
A. No, but I know a man who does! From the same source as the Irfanview tutorial above comes a help page to give you some guidance on photographing glass.

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